What you need to know about Zetland

Zetland is an inner-eastern suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 4 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district. Zetland was a largely industrial suburb but now with medium- to high-density residential areas. Zetland is part of the Green Square district which is currently undergoing gentrification. This involves an urban renewal project that is constructing modern retail, business and residential developments.

Hashtag: #Young

Speaking of Wolli Creek, you might think of the airport. Speaking of The Rocks, you might think of the Sydney Opera House. When it comes to Zetland, our first reaction is: young. The word “Young” here not only refers to the young people living here, but everything here is young (or new if you prefer): offices, apartments, restaurants, shopping malls. Here, you can hardly see traditional red brick houses, or old houses over a century old, replaced by modern urban design language, allowing you to feel a younger Sydney. Wherever you see, you can see brand-new glass houses and transparent office spaces.

Live on the park, literally

Joynton Park is the iconic area for Zetland. When Zetland was designed and planned in the beginning, the city government deliberately made Zetland a green city. Among them is the green area represented by Joynton Park. Not only Joynton Park, but almost everywhere in Zetland, you can see the ornamentation of flowers and trees. These green plants and modern buildings echo each other, forming a unique landscape that makes people happy and relaxing.


Zetland is located between Sydney Airport and Sydney CBD, so it has extremely portable transportation. The T8 train line departs from Green Square Station, and it only takes one stop (approximately 10 minutes) to reach Central Station. And it only takes 20 minutes to go to Wynyard. If you do so, don’t forget to look up when you pass the Sydney Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. The sunshine will bring you wonderful scenery and make you feel good all day at work. If you choose to ride a bicycle to the city centre, a 30-minute exercise can also make it easy to reach.

Shopping and Dining

With the influx of Zetland’s population, Zetland’s business development has also ushered in a new peak. In addition to the traditional East Village Shopping Centre that can provide people with convenient daily necessities, there are also many trendy restaurants and cafes. These restaurants feature Asian cuisine, and you can find Chinese, Thai, Korean and Japanese cuisines.


In general, Zetland is the best place for young people, couples or young families to live together. It is easy for young blood to find topic in common here. Maybe the day after you move in, you will meet your neighbours and become best friends for life. Or when you take your dog for a walk in Joynton Park, you will meet your love at first sight who also lead the dog. Its ubiquitous greening makes this city that emphasizes modern industry show a different charm.

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